ISR-based Model and Web Site Update History
Feb 2006 ISRIM online! ISRIM (incoherent scatter radar ionospheric model) is an integrated version for all local and regional models. Different from other models on this site, ISRIM is a fully analytic model. It uses B-spline (or polynomial) and harmonic functions to represent coefficients generated from binning procedures. An ISRIM logo was designed. The introduction.html is revised.
Jan 2006 Millstone Hill local model is updated. The update is performed by applying more strict data quality controls on Ne data, as it was noticed that some bad data (or not well calibriated data) were included in the earlier version. Deviations (D) between the data and the earlier version of model are first determined. Bad data are then identified according to the magnitude of the deviation. If D for Nel is > .75, for instant, then the datum is to be rejected. Also for a given monthly bin, 3 month of data centering at the given month is used (the earlier version used only one month of data).
Nov 2005 New interface of the model menual list. GRL paper on all ISR local models was published. Zhang, S.-R., J. M. Holt, A. P. van Eyken, M. McCready, C. Amory-Mazaudier, S. Fukao, and M. Sulzer (2005), Ionospheric local model and climatology from long-term databases of multiple incoherent scatter radars, Geophys. Res. Lett., 32, L20102, doi:10.1029/2005GL023603
May 2005 Model website has been moved to the new MADRIGAL server.
April 2005 All local models have been revised in the altitude variation. Cubic B-spline is used to represent the variation. The B-spline is contrained at the upper boundary of the models so that 2nd and 3rd deriatives of the altitude variation are zero, i.e., variations at the boundary are linear. During the height profile fitting, we use data at two 1/4 points between two nodes of the original data. This might give better represention of the gradient at the original nodes. The break points for the B-spline are 100, 125, 150, 190, 230, 275, 350, 450, 600 km for Arecibo, St. Santin, Sondrestrom, Tromso and Svalbard, 100, 125, 150, 190, 230, 275, 350, 450, 550, 650, 850, and 1000 km for Millstone Hill, and 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, and 600 km for Shigaraki.
April 2005 Total Electron Content (TEC) is now provided by the Millstone Hill Regional Model. TEC is calculated between 200-600 km. The VMHR shows TEC, and the interactive web page has also an option to calculate TEC.
April 2005 Virtual Millstone Hill Radar now provides the current day plots (in polar coordinates) vs latitude and local time for 350 km. The similar plots are used also in the model interactive page.
April 2005 Mill Hill Regional Model is updated. We use results obtained in April 2002 from the bin-fit program to generate analytical 4-D models, where seasonal (day number), local time, altitude and latitude (geodetic 35-55 degress) variations are considered. To represent these variations, harmonic functions with annual and semiannual components for the seasonal variation, harmonic functions with diurnal, semidiurnal and terdiurnal components for the local time variation, cublic B-spline function for the height variation, and cublic polymonial function are used.
March 2005 Millstone Hill Local Model recovery programs are available for download.
Jan 2005 New papers and posters are added to Related Papers
November 2004 New Millstoen Hill and Sondrestrom high latitude convection model is now online, replacing a prior version of convection model with only Millstone Hill radar considered.
Sep-Oct 2004 New ISR models and virtual radars are available for Svalbard, Tromso, Sondrestrome.
July 2004 Arecibo ISR Model is online! Click to run interactive computations and plot outputs, and click to see Virtual Arecibo Radar.
May 2004 a new link to Virtual ISRs and Relatime Ionosphere is available. see here.
May 2004 Realtime predication of high latitude potential patterns available now by using near-realtime IMF data from ACE Satellite Magnetometer measurements. see here.
May 2004 New Millstone Hill Convection Model availabe. Click here for the model interface and also here for a description.
April 2004 Calculators for St Santin model and MU radar model are implemented. see the new version of the model interface for St Santin and MU radars.
April 2004 MU Radar Ionospheric Model is available. see the deatils.
March 2004 A calculator for a given input sets is now available. see the model interface
August 2003 MU Radar HWM-like Wind Model (HWMMU) online version available. Thanks to Prof. Oliver of Bostone University who provided the FORTRAN code.
August 2003 MU Radar Ion Drift Model (MUIDM) online version available.
July 2003 Online computations of St. Santin radar model.
July 2003 Virtual St. Santin Radar
June-August 2003 REU student project on St Santin radar data modeling
December 2002 Latest local model version 1.1 is available. Full description of the model is here. Model outputs are plotted with MATLAB. New AGU posters are added to the " Related Papers" section. A link to view MH historical data plots is added.
October 2002 Virtual Millstone Hill Radar: current ionospheric conditions over Millstone Hill
June 2002 Model movies available
April 2002 Regional model updated to exclude some suspect data
March 2002 Local model updated to include more data and to exclude suspect data. There are now 14 height bins.
January 2002 Low thermosphere model included
December 2001 First-principles model included
November 2001 Local & Regional model established
November 2001 Model Webpage created