Last changed in November 2001 by S.-R. Zhang

Millstone Hill Regional Ionosphere Model

This model utilizes the radar observations of basic ionospheric parameters (electron density and temperature and ion temperature). Measurements are binned in 1 hour local time, 1 degree geographic latitude from 32-55 degrees geodetic, and 50 km altitude bins from 200-600 km. Inputs to the model are the F10.7 index (which provides a measure of solar irradiance) and the Ap index (which provides a measure of geomagnetic activity).

The entire Millstone Hill database is binned in 1hr local time by 50 km altitude by 1 degree latitude bins. In each bin, the dependencies on solar and magnetic activity are determined through a least squares fit to the following equation:

Ne = A + B * F10.7 + C * Ap + D * Ap*F10.7
Where Ne is the electron density, A-D are the fit coefficients, F10.7 is the previous day's F10.7 index, and Ap is the Ap index for the previous 3 hours. This functional form is also used to fit the electron and ion temeperature data as well.

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